SWP shows 400oz RMR Gold Bar at CAIS

SWP shows 400oz RMR Gold Bar at CAIS

SWP shows 400oz RMR Gold Bar at CAIS

Strategic Wealth Preservation Ltd. (SWP) caused quite the stir at the recent Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (CAIS) held at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman on Feb 4 -5, 2016.

There are not many people who have held a 400oz gold bar but thanks to Royal Mint Refinery (RMR), part of the British Royal Mint who have recently partnered with SWP, more than 500 delegates and speakers from leading financial institutions got to do just that.

“It was an absolute thrill for attendees who are used to dealing in paper money”, said SWP representative, Mark Yaxley. “There is an undeniable difference between a piece of paper that says you own money, from the actual experience of handling a hard asset like gold.”

The gold bar is the first 400oz bar to be cast by the Royal Mint Refinery in recent history and is marked with the RMR chop and logo in 999.9% gold. Numbered A00001, this bar will never be sold and will remain at the British Royal Mint museum as part of the Queen’s collection. Immediately after the event, the gold bar was dispatched back to London.

Chris Howard, Director of Bullion at the Royal Mint says, “We are delighted to have launched our 400oz gold bar in the prestigious surroundings of the Cayman Islands at this high profile event. I am certain that SWP will be strong partner for us. The Royal Mint has a 1000-year heritage and we are now focused on both leveraging and building on this over the coming years.”

For information on the Royal Mint products available to you contact Mark Yaxley on my@swpcayman.com

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