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For the Following Author: Jeff Clark

Aug 14, 2019

If you didn’t catch it, gold has passed the S&P 500 in year-to-date performance. Through August 12, gold is up 18.1%, while the S&P has risen 13.8%. Silver is nipping its heels, now up 10.2% YTD. But what is perhaps more significant is the one-year performance. It just might show that Wall Street is bailing on unicorns and blue-chip stocks and shifting into gold and silver...

Aug 8, 2019

Gold and silver prices continue to push higher. They’re starting to get some attention from the mainstream, too. A new uptrend in gold is clearly underway, but silver’s performance has so far trailed gold’s. Let’s take a look at the price behavior over the past six-plus years of both metals to see if we can gain any insights about silver.

Aug 7, 2019

Many readers liked the tables we presented of possible gold/S&P 500 ratios and what that would mean to prices of each asset. If you didn’t catch it, check out what the future could look like for gold vs. the stock market. Given the current action in stocks and precious metals, I decided to run the same scenarios for silver. In other words, if the silver/S&P 500 ratio returned to any of its past highs, what would the prices for each look like? Hold on to your hats, because the title of this article was no exaggeration…

Aug 1, 2019

Dear Main Street and Wall Street Investor, I’m a pretty nice guy. But you may not think so if what I outline below comes to pass. You see, over the next few years, I’m going to steal cash right out of your brokerage account. It’ll go from your portfolio to mine. It’s not trickery. It’s not even actual “stealing,” of course. That’s because, well, you’re going to give it to me. Willingly. Many of you will even be excited to do so. Here’s how…

Jul 25, 2019

If you haven't noticed, silver’s on the move. The price reached a new 52-week high yesterday. And the gold/silver ratio—an indicator many analysts, including me, track to determine if one or the other metal is lagging its historical performance—has fallen 8% over the past eight trading days.

Jul 17, 2019

The dominos are in position. What do you view as the greatest threat to your wealth… inflation? A stock market crash? A world war? While all of these could greatly impact an investment portfolio, the one thing that would hurt it most is if you couldn’t get to it. Regardless of the reason, if you can’t access some portion of your wealth, it’s essentially worthless to you. This is the core rationale behind internationalizing one’s assets.

Jul 9, 2019

This brief report will highlight what’s taken place with precious metals this past quarter and year-to-date, along with how they compared to other assets. We’ll also briefly look at what potential catalysts lie ahead. We’ll provide this context in every issue of ITV to help you track the precious metals markets and make decisions.

Jun 27, 2019

It’s pretty daring to claim that you’re near certain an investment will pay off. But that’s exactly what I’m doing. Irrespective of anything you’ve heard from Mike Maloney and his predictions about precious metals, it is my personal opinion that at some point gold (and silver) will inevitably pay off in a very big way for us. Not only that, this catalyst has little to do with the precious metals market itself. It’s an outside force, one that may have more impact on investment and trading than any other, and will ultimately have a major impact on gold and silver as well.

Jun 10, 2019

The gold/silver ratio keeps climbing. And climbing and climbing. When is this darn thing going to reverse and see silver finally outperform gold? While no one really knows the answer to that question, there are hints that can tell us when things might shift. And just how big that shift might be. Let’s look at some history and some data and see what it tells us…

Jun 5, 2019

As precious metals investors know all too well, gold and silver prices haven’t moved much for the past 5+ years. And along with that stagnant price environment has come low volatility. Volatility readings have fallen so far, in fact, that silver has matched its all-time low. It’s further confirmation of the widespread disinterest in precious metals.

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