Safe Deposit Boxes

Learn how our safe deposit box rental service works.

Safe deposit boxes are available for rent at several of SWP’s global storage locations. To view a list of participating locations, please visit our Storage Locations page. Clients who opt to rent a safe deposit box receive their own uniquely identified safe deposit box and two box keys.

How Safe Deposit Boxes Work

Box Rates

Box Size Cost Per Year Included Liability Protection Maximum Weight Limit
Small $500 USD $10,000 USD 350 Troy Ounces
Medium $750 USD $10,000 USD 600 Troy Ounces
Large $1000 USD $10,000 USD 750 Troy Ounces
X-Large $1250 USD $10,000 USD 1000 Troy Ounces


All precious metals stored in a safe deposit box are automatically insured up to $10,000 USD by SWP’s comprehensive insurance policy, issued by Marsh and underwritten by Lloyds of London. Additional insurance can be purchased up to a maximum of $1,000,000 USD per safe deposit box at a cost of $25 USD per $10,000 USD (25 basis points).

Making a Deposit

If you wish to make a deposit to your safe deposit box, you or an elected Authorised Representative will have to be present with a key in hand.

Option #1 - Purchase metals directly from SWP. Once the purchase has been completed, SWP will remit the metals to you or an Authorised Representative for deposit. You receive a confirmation of the deposit.

Option #2 - You can also deposit or transfer existing metals that you may currently be storing at home or in another depository. SWP can arrange a fully insured shipment of the metals to our facility on your behalf. Alternatively, this can be accomplished by hand delivering the metals to the facility yourself. Once the materials arrive at the facility, you or an Authorised Representative can make the deposit into the safe deposit box and you receive a confirmation of the deposit.

Making a Withdrawal

If you wish to make a withdrawal from your safe deposit box, you or an Authorised Representative will have to be present with a key in hand. You or an Authorised Representative have the ability to withdraw metals by appointment.

Selling Metals

You can sell your metals directly to SWP. This creates an extremely liquid two-way market. Settlement from the sale generally occurs within 48-72 hours and the proceeds are remitted by bank wire. Again, you or an Authorised Representative will have to be present in order to withdraw the metals and remit them to SWP in order to complete the sale.


As a non-financial institution SWP has no wealth reporting requirements to either the Cayman Islands government, or any foreign government or tax authority.


Safe deposit boxes are not audited.


We have the ability to authenticate all precious metals using industry leading testing equipment. All tests are non-destructive.


You can visit and inspect your metals by appointment.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are incurred when a transfer or withdrawal is completed, based on your instructions to SWP. Fees are also applicable if you choose to conduct a self-audit of your metals.

Transaction Types Fees
Metals Deposit FREE
Metals Transfer (internal transfer from one client account to another) $50 USD
Metals Withdrawal (from the vault, either via pick up or via delivery) $75 USD
Audit (self-audit or a 3rd party you hire to conduct an audit on your behalf) $75 USD per hour


Safe deposit boxes are billed annually in advance. Payments can be made by credit card, bank wire, ACH or by Bitcoin and Ethereum (via Bitpay).

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