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1 oz Platinum Philharmonic Coins from SWP

Named in honour of the world-famous orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic in gold is one of the bestselling bullion coins worldwide and counts among the favourites with investors in Europe, Japan and North America. Almost as valuable, Platinum makes for an excellent alternative investment to gold and the Austrian Mint is expecting its new Platinum Philharmonic coin to perform just as impressively.   

About the Platinum Philharmonic

The new 1 oz Platinum Philharmonic coin is the Austrian Mint’s first platinum offering in its 800-year history. The Mint’s relationship with gold is, however, a long and fruitful one. If placed side by side, the 20 million pure gold Vienna Philharmonics sold to date would stretch for 500 km, or the distance between Vienna and Berlin. Stacked one on top of another they would form a pillar 28 km high, or three times the height of Mount Everest.

The Design of the 1 oz Platinum Philharmonic Coin

Produced from 999.5 pure platinum, the new Vienna Platinum Philharmonic coin features the same award-winning design by Austrian Mint head designer Thomas Pesendorfer as its gold and silver counterparts. It depicts the organ of the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna, the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra’s home, on one side and an assortment of musical instruments on the other. All three types of Vienna Philharmonic are legal tender, thus have global acceptability and are easily traded at the daily gold, silver or platinum price wherever major bullion coins are sold.

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