silver / 1 oz Silver Round (Various Brands)


As Low As

Price subject to additional premium in certain locations.

Cayman $31.18
New Zealand $32.18
Singapore $32.18
Delaware $31.18
Texas $31.18
Miami $31.18
Los Angeles $31.18
US Drop Ship $31.18

Product Exceptions

Not Available for Toronto Storage
Not Available for Zurich Storage
Not Available for Calgary Storage
Not Available for Canada Drop Ship


Buy Back Price
Note: The buy back price stated above is only an indication and may be subject to change based on the volume of your sale and other market conditions. **Products on sale may have location limitations.

SWP has a variety of pure 1 oz silver rounds available for delivery or secure offshore storage. A silver round is a good alternative to a 1 oz sovereign silver coin because it has the form and convenience of a coin, without the higher premiums. Unlike a 1 oz silver coin, rounds are not considered legal tender and do not have a monetary value outside of the precious metal content.

Silver Round vs Silver Bar

Compared to a 1 oz silver bar, a silver round is similar with the exception of the shape. Both 1 oz silver rounds and 1 oz silver bars from SWP Cayman contain an ounce of 0.999 fine silver.

Reliable 1 Oz Silver Bullion

Every 1 oz silver bar, coin and round from SWP Cayman is guaranteed to contain 1 oz of 0.999 fine silver. We select our inventory from various brands based on price and availability, and we strive to maintain an inventory of competitively priced silver rounds that are available for quick delivery or offshore storage. Packaging may vary, but you can be confident of the purity and quality of our 1 oz silver coins, rounds and bars.

Silver Rounds from SWP Cayman

Silver rounds from SWP Cayman are a great way to add silver to any investment portfolio. Our 1 oz silver rounds for sale are available for delivery or can be stored in any of our offshore vaults. Our secure storage is 100% segregated and 100% allocated, and we provide confidential and convenient service for any size or type of order.

Our one ounce silver rounds, coins and bars are eligible for precious metals IRAs. Place your order online, or by calling 1 (888) 445-1977 or emailing

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