silver / 1 kg Silver Scottsdale Stacker Bar


As Low As

Price subject to additional premium in certain locations.

Cayman $1,096.32
New Zealand $1,128.47
Toronto $1,096.32
Singapore $1,128.47
Delaware $1,096.32
Texas $1,096.32
Miami $1,096.32
Los Angeles $1,096.32
Calgary $1,104.35
Canada Drop Ship $1,096.32
US Drop Ship $1,096.32

Product Exceptions

Not Available for Zurich Storage


Buy Back Price
Note: The buy back price stated above is only an indication and may be subject to change based on the volume of your sale and other market conditions. **Products on sale may have location limitations.

(Note, we have a minimum order size of 96.45 oz of Kilo Silver Scottsdale Stacker Bars)

Now the USA has access to what's incredibly popular in Europe & the Singapore Exchange. These One Kilo Stackers provide a great size to stack. Equals 32.15 troy oz and measures 76mm x 51mm x 28mm. This Kilo Silver Bar has beveled, interlocking edges that stack for safekeeping. Unique Serial Numbers and produced by the Scottsdale Mint who is ISO 9001-2015 certified, allowing these to be placed in an Precious Metal IRA account. Brand New .999 Pure Silver Bullion Grade MADE IN USA. Vault Ready.

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