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You can place your order online, or by calling 1 (888) 445-1977 or emailing Note, we have a minimum order size of 200 oz of silver or 2 oz of gold, platinum or palladium. An approved SWP account is required to place an order. Don’t have an account yet? Open one today.

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1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint Bar

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1 oz Gold Bar (Various Brands)

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1 oz Gold Perth Mint Bar

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50 Gram Gold Bar (Various Brands)

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100 Gram Gold Bar (Various Brands)

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10 oz Gold Bar (Various Brands)

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10 oz Gold PAMP Suisse Bar

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10 oz Gold Perth Mint Bar

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1 kg Gold Royal Canadian Mint Bar

How to Buy Gold Bars

SWP will assist you in selecting the best gold bars to buy from the world’s leading mints. We have a wide selection of pure gold bars and offer both home delivery and secure storage options. To buy gold bars online, see our selection above for the gold bar price of various products. Contact us to place your order, and we’ll assist you through every step of your purchase.

Best Gold Bars to Buy

You can find a complete range of gold bars for sale from the Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP Suisse and more. We guarantee the authenticity of all the gold bars we sell our clients, and you can sell your gold bars back for a competitive price. Contact SWP if you are looking for a specific product or if you have any questions about how to buy gold bars.

Order Gold Bars for Delivery or Storage

When you buy gold bars from SWP, you’ll receive quality bullion and the choice to have your metal stored in our secure offshore facilities or delivered to your home in the United States or Canada. Home delivery within the United States is only $50 flat for all products and quantities. All shipments are fully insured door-to-door. You can also have your gold bars stored safely at any of our eight global storage locations.

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