Calgary Secure Storage Facility

640 28th Street NE, Bay 8, Calgary, Canada

Vault Operator

Brinks Canada

Services Offered

Secure Segregated Storage | Visitations Permitted | Ability to Buy and Sell | Comprehensive Insurance | Annual Audit

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Gold Storage in Calgary

If you are looking to store gold in Canada, SWP provides the vaulting experience and services required to ensure that your gold is always secure. Canada enjoys an excellent reputation globally as a stable and peaceful country. Gold storage in Calgary, Canada is a viable and safe option for your precious metal investments. There have been no major conflicts fought on Canadian soil in modern history, and the country boasts some of the highest standards of living in the world. By storing gold in Calgary, Canada with SWP, you are guaranteeing its safety and security.

One of our Canadian options is Calgary gold storage. Calgary is a cosmopolitan city in the province of Alberta, that has enjoyed rapid economic growth due to its status as the centre of Canada’s oil industry. It has also kept its western charm with the Calgary Stampede being an annual favourite of people from all around the world. Private gold storage in Alberta is an excellent option for your precious metals.

Buy and Store Gold in Calgary, Canada

Gold storage in Calgary is a convenient option for those looking to store in western Canada specifically, because of Calgary International Airport, just 17 km from downtown. With our Calgary gold storage location, you may inspect your metals by appointment. Additionally, Alberta gold storage meets the rigorous standards you have come to expect when you store your gold and silver at an SWP vault location. As always, when you buy and store gold in Calgary, all metals are segregated, allocated and insured.

Convenient Silver Storage in Calgary

Our Calgary gold storage vault location is operated by Brinks, and is a convenient option for those wanting to store in western Canada with one of the world’s largest logistics experts. With so many services available to our clients, including secure segregated storage, visitations allowed, comprehensive insurance and an annual independent audit, your private gold storage in Alberta, Canada couldn’t be more secure. If you store gold in Canada with SWP, you are guaranteeing the safety of your precious metals.

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