Storage for Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Devices

Learn how our cold storage for cryptocurrency wallets and keys works.

SWP provides secure offshore storage solutions for cryptocurrency, digital asset wallets, seed phrases and private keys. Clients can acquire a personalized Pelican Case, along with associated security accessories, which will be securely housed within our facility in the Cayman Islands. This service is available for an annual storage fee of $1,200.00 USD.

How The Program Works

Making A Deposit

    Clients, whether local or overseas, can personally deposit their wallet and/or key at our Cayman Islands vault facility by appointment.

Making A Withdrawal

    If you wish to make a withdrawal from your storage case, or to withdraw your case completely from our secure storage, you (or an Authorized Representative) will have to be present to do the withdrawal by appointment.


    The client may terminate the storage agreement at any time by giving SWP written notice, subject to terms and conditions.


As a non-financial institution, SWP has no wealth reporting requirements to either the Cayman Islands government or any foreign government or tax authority.


Storage cases are not audited.


You can visit and inspect your storage case by appointment provindg 48+ hours' notice. Two 30-minute visits per year are included free of charge. Subsequent visits and time thereafter are subject to a visitation fee of $50 USD per hour with 48+ hours’ notice required. For an appointment with 12 – 48 hour notice, a visitation fee of $100 USD per hour applies.

Rates & Fees

Initial Start-up Fee Included in the initial start-up fee are the following:

• 1 x Pelican 1170 Secure Storage Waterproof Case (Storage Case)

• 1 x Roloway Fireproof Bag

• 1 x Tamperproof Bag

• 1 x Padlock

• 1st Years Storage Fee

Total is $1,550.00 USD

The annual storage fee is $1,200.00 USD per year thereafter.


Your storage fee is billed annually in advance. Payments can be made by credit card, bank wire, ACH, BTC, ETH and USDC.

Insurance For Pelican Case Contents

SWP cannot provide insurance for wallet and/or keys at this time.

Purchasing a Storage Case and entering into a Secure Storage Agreement

Please complete and return the application form to SWP. Once received and approved, SWP will prepare a Storage Case Agreement and send it to you.

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