Los Angeles Secure Storage Facility

Los Angeles, 656 S. Vail Avenue, Montebello, CA 90640 USA

Vault Operator

Loomis International (USA)

Services Offered

Secure Segregated Storage | Comprehensive Insurance | Ability to Buy and Sell | Annual Audits

“I have vaulted with Strategic Wealth Preservation in the Caymans Islands since 2015, and I recently expanded my account with SWP’s Los Angeles vault facility. The intake process was smooth and professional. I’m very happy with the arrangement and I highly recommend SWP’s Southern California vault services.”

- Michael, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Secure Storage with SWP

SWP has many secure storage locations across America, including gold and silver storage in Los Angeles, California. Our Los Angeles secure storage facility is run by Loomis International USA. The LA secure storage facility is a great option for Americans looking to keep their precious metals closer to home. As our LA gold vault is located in a major gold trading hub, the liquidity of your assets is ensured.

Trusted Gold Storage in LA

Our secure storage in Los Angeles serves both institutional clients and retail investors. If you are looking for options to have your gold stored in LA, you can rest assured your investments will remain secure with SWP. The facility operators enjoy a long-standing positive reputation and employ very experienced management teams. Your gold and silver storede in LA is protected by Class 3 UL rated vaults. All metals held in secure segregated storage, including those in our LA silver vault, are fully insured up to their full replacement value under the terms of our comprehensive insurance policy, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Safe and Secure Storage in Los Angeles

We provide the ability for you to sell your bullion in our secure storage in Los Angeles directly to SWP. This creates an extremely liquid two-way market. If you are looking to have your gold stored in our Los Angeles secure storage facility, SWP has the experience and services that you need to ensure your gold and silver in storage will always remain safe and secure.

One Account, One World

Strategic Wealth Preservation is an international precious metals dealer and secure storage provider headquartered in the Cayman Islands. US gold storage is just one of the many services we offer our clients. By opening an account with SWP, you can purchase physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium for home delivery or storage at any of our ten global secure storage locations.

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