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For the Following Author: Jeff Clark

Feb 19, 2021

Do you own the “junk bond” fund of the silver industry? You know, the fund that has numerous structural risks that could easily blow up in a crisis… The one that admits it may be unable to acquire sufficient physical silver for the fund… Concedes its share price may not always match the silver price… And altered its prospectus in numerous ways in response to the silver short squeeze movement, all of which protect the fund and not investors? As bad as all that is, there’s something else you need to know about SLV and other bullion ETFs… It’s something few investors are aware of, but if you’re an investor who wants to maximize their profit you need to know. Because it will, without a doubt, reduce how much you’ve earned by the time you sell…

Feb 11, 2021

Bullion ETFs have language that details these risks, and allows for these and other exemptions. Since a shareholder doesn’t own gold but instead just shares in a trust, ETFs introduce a slew of risks that aren’t present if one simply buys gold bullion. It would be quite concerning to see the NAV (Net Asset Value) of the fund you bought separate from the price of gold—but this risk has already occurred in other ETFs… During the market crash in March 2020, a fund of gold producers (GDX) did not track its NAV and sold for less than the value of the underlying assets. It was ultimately resolved, but it showcased the vulnerability that paper representations carry vs. real assets. Here’s why we—as huge fans of your revolutionary ideas—urge you to consider buying real metal. It all centers around these two words…

Jan 29, 2021

Feeling cooped up? Tired of lockdowns and shutdowns and your favorite restaurants being closed? Me, too. It feels like this will last forever, but sooner or later things will begin to reopen. It will be a new normal, and the process may be rocky, but at some point broad economic activity will pick up steam. And when the re-openings accelerate, I think the silver price will, in short order, begin to spike, too. What is the connection between re-openings and a higher silver price? Here’s the link as I view it, see what you think…

Jan 26, 2021

What will the silver price do in 2021? And where is it headed over the next 5 years? I’ve compiled silver price predictions from a number of precious metals analysts and consultancies. I also make my own prediction, based on the key factors that in my experience are most likely to influence the silver price both this year and the next five years. This will be fun, so let’s jump in!

Sep 4, 2020

Today, institutional participation – the enormous Wall St and global wealth management and investment firms and their clients from hedge funds to pension funds – in the gold market is minimal.But with interest rates near zero globally, we’re seeing signs that this is changing rapidly.

Aug 24, 2020

It blew up my phone. It was after market hours on Friday, August 14 when the news broke that Berkshire Hathaway’s 13F showed it had purchased 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold, the largest gold miner in the industry. It caught many gold investors by surprise, myself included, since Buffet has been so negative on gold—even though he bought a miner one wouldn’t do that if they thought gold was headed lower anytime soon.

Aug 14, 2020

If you’re familiar with Mike Maloney, you probably know he (and I) actually like it when gold and silver prices correct. It gives us an opportunity to add more ounces at a better price. But not every investor likes corrections. For some it’s worrisome. Others want to know why the price is falling. Still others wonder if the correction is over and a good time to buy. The recent drop in gold and silver brought up these concerns again. So I thought it was time to examine that abrupt selloff and compare it to other corrections during similar periods. By viewing corrections in context, and through the lens of history, I think you’ll see that yes indeed, corrections are nothing buy buying opportunities in bull markets.

Aug 6, 2020

Not many people in the gold community know this about me, but before becoming a gold and mining analyst I worked as a counselor for many years. It was rewarding work, as I’m sure those of you in the helping professions might concur. My business did well, so I suppose I was relatively good at it, too. I attributed my success to one factor in particular over the others. It’s a secret I carried throughout my career that more often than not led to a successful outcome. And that secret, I believe, applies to us gold and silver investors, too. Stay with me for a minute and see if you might view gold similarly…

Jul 30, 2020

There’s one question Mike Maloney and I have been asked more than any other. It’s a favorite question of interviewers, journalists, and podcasters. It’s a fun topic to discuss, and hints at the excitement that could be ahead for gold and silver. But the nature of the question can be misleading. It draws the focus away from the true value gold can offer. The question is this: How high do you think gold and silver prices will go?

Jul 17, 2020

With gold up 20% year-to-date and silver breaking through the $19 barrier for the first time in almost a year, it’s time to consider what a gold and silver mania might look like. If Mike Maloney is right about what’s ahead, we’ll soon be part of a life-changing shift. Have you thought about how the wealth transfer might play out? Not like this you haven’t…

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