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For the Following Author: Jeff Clark

Jul 9, 2021

The big story in Q2 was the jump in CPI numbers, as lockdown restrictions eased across many parts of the world. Our ITV report examines the performance of gold and other major asset classes during the second quarter and year-to-date, along with a review of the conditions that could impact precious metals in the second half of the year.

Jun 29, 2021

Most headlines about the Fed’s open market committee (FOMC) announcement focused on the potential change in interest rates. What went largely ignored was that it will continue to purchase $120 billion in bonds every month. The central bank said it “might” raise rates in 2023, but there was NO hesitation to continue full steam ahead with its aggressive bond-buying program. This QE program amounts to $1.44 TRILLION annually in new bank reserves (which are used to purchase Treasuries). And it’s all created out of thin air. To put that amount into perspective, the market capitalization of IBM is $130 billion. So the Fed creates the currency equivalent of another IBM nearly every month. That’s a lot of currency. If you live to 95 you will have been alive for three billion seconds. The Fed is creating 40 times more digital dollars than that each and every month. It takes only a rudimentary understanding of economics to know that the more you create of something, the less valuable it becomes. This is why fiat currency is ultimately a faulty system; politicians and central bankers can’t resist the temptation to solve their problems by printing more currency… which creates more debt… which weighs down the economy… which they respond to by creating more currency… and around we go. This is why Hidden Secrets of Money episode 7 will still play out. The current monetary system, as we’re witnessing right now, is a literal fiat free-for-all. Let’s contrast that to real money…

Jun 17, 2021

The stock market bubble continues to inflate, while the price of silver remains range-bound. But a reversal in those two asset classes is coming, and based on history it could be one for the record books. In fact, you might want to refrain from sipping hot coffee while viewing the tables below…

May 24, 2021

It’s time for our annual silver quiz! CPM Group has released their 2020 data, one of the more comprehensive reports in our industry. It gives us an accurate and final picture of what transpired last year, as well as how it sets up 2021 and beyond. This will be fun, and can be a great introduction for investors just coming into this market. I’ll combine some questions of my own, and will start easy, but let’s see if I can stump a few silver bugs by the end. ☺ See how many you can get correct (answers at the end), and more importantly, consider what the data suggests may be ahead for the silver price over th

May 24, 2021

An ideal way to invest is to identify an asset that is both undervalued and poised to rise. Easier said than done, but if an investor can find an opportunity that meets those two criteria, they can put the odds greatly in their favor. Well, that may be exactly what we have with silver right now. See what you think…

May 21, 2021

Gold and silver prices peaked in August 2020, and have since been largely range-bound. But the potential catalysts are stacking up like firewood, the recent breather hinting that prices are coiling for the next significant uptrend. Here’s why…

May 10, 2021

We update our charts every year on how many ounces of gold and silver it takes to buy a house in the US. It’s an exciting thought, to potentially be in a position to buy a home with just your stash of bullion, a possibility that seems increasingly likely given the bloated nature of the housing market vs. low gold and silver prices. However, after reviewing the latest update, Mike Maloney thought it looked off—and after some digging we discovered what it was. It’s not an error, but in past charts we used the “average” US home price, and Mike wanted to look at the “median” home price instead. Why median instead of average? Here’s a simple example…

Apr 26, 2021

Looking at the silver market over the past 50 years reveals some very clear tendencies. Tendencies so strong, in fact, that we can reasonably predict what’s ahead for the price. Here are five realities about silver that, based on history, point to what’s coming for one of our favorite monetary metals…

Apr 12, 2021

The big story in Q1 was the sharp rise in bond yields, putting pressure on gold and silver prices. But as the world begins to transition from pandemic to recovery, new potential catalysts emerge for precious metals. Our ITV report looks at the performance of precious metals and other major asset classes during the first quarter of 2021, along with a review of the conditions that are likely to impact them as the year progresses.

Mar 31, 2021

We all know silver is a small market and therefore volatile. We also know it outperforms gold. And if you’ve participated in one of its spikes, you know the gains can be both quick and breathtaking. But what some investors may not be aware of is that those spikes have historically not lasted long. The bull market may last a long time, but the big spikes are usually short-lived. Silver can be a lot of fun when it goes vertical, but those vertical slingshots have typically not lasted long. I think this “DNA” aspect of silver is important for investors to be aware of.

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