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Jeff Thomas | Jun 18, 2019

All countries have a “shelf-life” of sorts. Generally, they begin when an old, top-heavy government collapses from its own weight. The end of the old regime is characterized by civil unrest, revolution, secession, economic collapse or some combination of these conditions.

Jeff Thomas | Jun 11, 2019

Ancient Greece is credited as raising the societal structure to new heights. Whenever this period is referred to, philosophers and historians are quick to mention that the ancient Greeks gave the world Democracy. Yet, Socrates, who is regarded as having been a rather thoughtful fellow, eyed democracy with deep suspicion. He was right to do so.

Jeff Clark | Jun 10, 2019

The gold/silver ratio keeps climbing. And climbing and climbing. When is this darn thing going to reverse and see silver finally outperform gold? While no one really knows the answer to that question, there are hints that can tell us when things might shift. And just how big that shift might be. Let’s look at some history and some data and see what it tells us…

Mark Yaxley | Jun 7, 2019

Our resident precious metals guru, SWP General Manager Mark Yaxley, answers the question “What should I look for when considering storing precious metals offshore?” When it comes to storing precious metals offshore, there are two main areas that investors need to consider. Number one, is the jurisdiction where the metals should be stored and secondly, is identifying the best secure storage facility within that jurisdiction.

Jeff Clark | Jun 5, 2019

As precious metals investors know all too well, gold and silver prices haven’t moved much for the past 5+ years. And along with that stagnant price environment has come low volatility. Volatility readings have fallen so far, in fact, that silver has matched its all-time low. It’s further confirmation of the widespread disinterest in precious metals.

Jeff Thomas | Jun 3, 2019

In 2016, James Delingpole commented that toffs hate Brexit because it’s the Peasants’ Revolt. For non-British readers, the word “toff” is a shortened form of “toffee-nosed,” a slang term for the rich, or upper class. But, more important is the reference to the Peasant Revolt of 1381, which is little-known on the western side of the Atlantic.

Jeff Thomas | May 31, 2019

Left-wing activists have recently been increasingly active in seeking to limit opposing thought in order to create a more ubiquitous “groupthink.” One effort in accomplishing this has been to propose the creation of a “Human Rights Committee” in order to monitor the economic transactions of “white supremacist groups and anti-Islam activists.”

Jeff Thomas | May 23, 2019

Recently, an eminent gold adviser whom I know and have a high regard for, stated that holders of precious metals would be well-served by keeping their metals in a remote location, saying, “distance equals security.” (He lives in the US and recommends storage in New Zealand, as it’s as far away from him as possible.)

Jeff Clark | May 20, 2019

As we outlined in our silver supply/demand crunch article, the silver market has entered a structural imbalance. It is not temporary. Global supply is locked into a decline, leaving the industry ill-equipped to respond meaningfully to any spike in demand of physical metal for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Thomas | May 16, 2019

Here we have a most interesting collection of signage. Some low-level civil servant who’s in charge of deciding what the motorist may do at this particular junction has become quite thorough in creating restrictions. The motorist may not proceed, may not turn left or right, and, most interestingly, in the second sign from the bottom, may not reverse out. In essence, “You’re stuck here and whatever you do to get out, you’re in violation of the rules we’ve placed upon you.”

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