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For the Following Author: Jeff Thomas

Feb 20, 2024

When Fidel Castro came suddenly to power on 1st January 1959, many business leaders understood immediately what effect that would have on them in the future and made a hasty exit from Cuba. Then, in the following years, as the socialist confiscations of businesses and property began to take place, larger numbers of businessmen made their exit. In the end, hundreds of thousands left.

Jan 24, 2024

Today, we’re continually reminded that we live under a capitalist system and that it hasn’t worked. The middle class is disappearing and the cost of goods has become too high to be affordable. There are far more losers than winners and the greed of big business is destroying the economy.

Jan 18, 2024

“Progress may have been all right once, but it has gone on too long.” The first category that comes to mind is economics. Most world leaders are quite committed to the idea that Keynesian economics will provide all the answers to solve any economic problem. However, the further each country goes down the Keynesian road, the clearer it becomes that Keynesian theory simply does not work. In fact, many countries that have followed it are on the brink of economic collapse, yet they are charging forward all the more determinedly with solutions that are based upon the very theories that caused the problems.

Jan 2, 2024

Imagine that you’re in mid-flight on a passenger jet and the captain flies directly into a Category Five hurricane. The flight attendant calmly says, “The captain has turned on the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ sign, as we may be expecting some turbulence.” Of course, the above situation is absurd, as no passenger jet pilot would ever put his passengers in such danger. But, tragically, governments sometimes do exactly that.

Dec 20, 2023

Democracy has been around in one form or another for millennia, but it really came to prominence following the Middle Ages. It replaced the feudal system – a system that’s looked upon today as having been quite primitive.

Dec 19, 2023

If they can afford it, they additionally rent or purchase a home and acquire the right to residency in such a country, so that, if their home country suddenly becomes less livable, they can simply pack a carry–on and be on a plane that day. However, far more individuals say something to the effect that, “I’m too invested in where I am. I’ll make a stand right here. Let the bastards come and get me if they want to. I’ve got plenty of guns and ammunition.”

Dec 7, 2023

Historically, this is always true. If you look at history over thousands of years, there’s always some country going down and another country coming up. It’s just a question of timing; when something is about to collapse, you want to get out. In 1938, for instance, many people left Germany. It’s the same thing now. It’s hard to accept that this is about to happen to the great US of A since it’s been number one for so long, but it’s reached its sell-by date.

Dec 5, 2023

Many of those who observe the daily news reports are beginning to figure out that they are being fed misinformation. Many are beginning to recognise that neither political party truly represents them or, for that matter, is even concerned for their welfare.

Nov 27, 2023

In a macro cycle, a nation begins to thrive economically, when the people of that country adhere to a strong work ethic. They invest their money and toil into the economy, make a profit, then either save, purchase goods, reinvest, or a combination of the three. When the great majority of the people do this, the country thrives economically. The greater the economic freedom (i.e., the less governmental oversight and regulation), the more the country thrives. But this never lasts forever. The eternal fly in the ointment is that governments seek continually to increase their control over others.

Nov 14, 2023

We’ve grown accustomed to regarding the US as the most powerful country on earth. Since the end of World War II, it’s been the economic powerhouse that’s dictated terms to the rest of the world. War production created the world’s most modern factories, allowing for a postwar boom in the manufacture of goods of every description. The fact that the US held two-thirds of the world’s gold by the end of the war enabled it to dictate that the US dollar would be the default currency for trade.

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