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For the Following Author: Jeff Thomas

Dec 1, 2020

For the last four years, Americans have become increasingly polarised – divided between Democrat crusaders who are determined to save America from becoming a racist, sexist Nazi dictatorship under Donald Trump, versus Republican crusaders who are determined to save America from becoming a liberal Marxist state under a Democratic reign. This fervour has become so extreme that families can no longer meet for the holidays without a conversational blow-up. No longer are people “entitled to their opinions.” This has become a crusade between Good and Evil. (“I’m good. You’re evil.”) Until November, the great majority of Americans appear to have been hoping that the November election would end this strife one way or the other. My take on this has been that the opposite would happen after 3rd November. The fireworks would increase exponentially after the election. The election would be hotly contested by whomever was the apparent loser.

Nov 24, 2020

For many years, I’ve been advising people on what I’ve perceived as a coming economic crisis that would carry with it both a political crisis and a social crisis of epic proportions. These three arrows would be concurrent, with each one exacerbating the other two. Not surprisingly, many people have been either unwilling or unable to accept that such a major series of events might take place. However, the writing is now very much on the wall and even those who don’t really understand the crisis have a feeling in the pit of their stomachs that unfolding events will end very badly.

Nov 17, 2020

The new millennium has been marked by increasingly dramatic economic change. Economics is (or should be) easy to understand. It’s essentially the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. The transfer of wealth normally takes place as a result of the balance between scarcity and demand. However, over the ages, there have always been those who have sought to alter or pervert economics for their own ends.

Nov 10, 2020

For many years, I’ve described a period that I envisaged to be in the future, in which much of what was considered “normal” would change dramatically. For most people, this would one day be looked back upon as previous generations looked back on the world wars or the Great Depression – a time of devastation, in which many people lost all or most of what they had had. But for some, especially those who foresaw the change, this period would one day be looked back upon as the time when their fortunes changed dramatically for the better.

Nov 3, 2020

There’s an old saying that the way to boil a frog is to put him in a pot of cool water, then turn up the heat. He remains in the pot because there’s no single increase in temperature that’s startling enough to make him jump out. For Ratimir, the jumping point was when the Rule of Law that protected his liberty began to break down – that is, when the political authorities supported the cessation of the Rule of Law – that was the time to pack up and go.

Oct 20, 2020

For the entire lives of anyone under the age of seventy-five, the US has been at the top of the heap in almost every way. For decades, it had greater freedom, greater prosperity and higher production than any other country in the world. America was a cornucopia - the centre for innovation and trends in technology, the arts and social development. And today, many Americans, even if they complain about changes for the worse in their country, come back quickly to say, “This is still the greatest country in the world.” Or, “Everybody is still trying to come here.” Well, truth be told, neither of these knee-jerk comments is accurate any longer. But even those who have come to that realisation tend to resort to the inevitable fall-back comment: “Well, whattaya gonna do? It’s just as bad everyplace else.” And yet, this is also inaccurate. Throughout the history of the world, whenever a country had entered its decline stage, others were in the process of rising up.

Oct 6, 2020

It won’t. Those who watch American news programmes may choose to watch MSNBC or CNN and shall witness a liberal expert expressing great frustration that the Republican president and his supporters promote divisiveness. This will be followed by a discussion between the host of the show and other liberal pundits, echoing this pronouncement and expressing their horror that the country is led by a truly evil man who is tearing the country apart. Just as worrisome, they say, is that those who support his party - the mostly male, mostly white, mostly racist Republican voters - fervently support the creation of divisiveness. If this were truly a news station, the discussion would end there and the station would then on move on to another news topic. But this is not what occurs.

Sep 23, 2020

On sixth August 1945, the US dropped the world’s first nuclear weapon on Japan. Not surprisingly, the devastation that it caused changed the way the US looked at its power in the world. That perception has never changed since. For Americans, though they may not know it yet, the 2020 presidential election will be an atomic bomb of sorts. It will purposely be designed to be a close race and the stage is being set to ensure that, whoever the losers are, they will be hopping mad - convinced that the other side rigged the election. Both Democrats and Republicans have been pre-conditioned to believe that this is the big one – the one that will decide whether the US is controlled by Good or Evil.

Sep 21, 2020

In 1999, I concluded that the world would experience a major economic reset. Not just a typical recession, but a full-blown depression with all the requisite social, political and economic devastation. My best guess was that, sometime within a decade, there would first be a crash – a major recession - and that it would not be dealt with properly – that the central banks would provide bailouts and paper over the crash. This would result in a false recovery, which would eventually lead to a major collapse – one that would take decades to play out, before any solid recovery would ensue. I would very much have preferred to have been entirely incorrect in this prognosis, but that hasn’t been the case. To date, the events have played out as envisioned.

Sep 16, 2020

Most of us would like to assume that we’re smarter than pigs, but are we? Let’s have a look. Pigs are pretty intelligent mammals and forest-dwelling wild pigs are known to be especially wily. However, there’s a traditional method for trapping them. In fact, it is the essence of trapping humans into collectivism.

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