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For the Following Author: Jeff Thomas

Dec 27, 2023

“Robbery is defined as taking away of goods or property by force or intimidation.” Well, that certainly fits the bill. Of course, Inland Revenue (or the IRS, CRA, etc., depending upon where you’re from) would say that it’s not robbery if it’s lawful. As I see it, the fact that a law has been passed to allow robbery does not change it from being robbery. It’s merely institutionalised robbery.

Jul 18, 2023

Let’s say that you’re paid $4000 per month. You budget for housing, food, clothing, transportation, etc. Let’s say that that adds up to $3800 per month and you’re hoping for $200 per month to go to savings. Often that doesn’t happen, as “expenses pop up” that haven’t been planned for, but need to be paid. So, in the end, you save little or nothing.

Jul 12, 2023

The populace is reminded that, without obeisance on their part, there would be chaos and all would suffer. Therefore, all must sacrifice for the sake of “the common good.” The reader might recall Hillary Clinton commenting in 2004, “We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

Jun 20, 2023

Today, the new exodus is an uncommon one. It resembles the Roman exodus – those who had once been able to live fairly well, but realize that the end of their way of life is near. It’s also an international exodus, primarily taking place in the EU and the US, but encompassing other First-World countries.

Feb 24, 2023

In 2014, the US funded a coup d’état in Ukraine, ejecting the democratically-elected president and installing an American puppet. The new regime then set about attacking the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, which were predominantly Russian. Russia did not intervene, even though the US was messing in Russia’s “back yard.” It did, however, draw some “red lines,” warning Kiev that if they tried to take Crimea, join NATO, or become a nuclear state, Russia would invade. In February 2022, Ukrainian puppet President Zelensky announced at the Munich Security Conference that Ukraine would go nuclear. That was the trigger that caused Russia to invade Ukraine, days later. The US declared outrage and sought to involve NATO in retaliation. The American media was filled with angry reports of the “unprovoked invasion,” stating that Russia’s goal was to seize all of Europe. Since that time, the US media have maintained a constant barrage of propaganda regarding the war. The theme is always the same: The Russians are a murderous army, killing civilians, bombing hospitals and schools. But they are also incompetent, poorly led, their troops riddled with deserters, losing battle after battle, and experiencing far more casualties than Ukraine. And yet, even though the Russians are claimed every day on the news to be losing badly, somehow, they have continued to advance. Kiev has been continually desperate for more from NATO in order to survive, and the US and other countries never seem to be offering enough materiel, advisors and funding for Ukraine to win.

Dec 13, 2021

At this point, virtually all of us over the age of forty have encountered enough “snowflakes” (those Millennials who have a meltdown if anything they say or believe is challenged) to understand that, increasingly, young people are being systemically coddled to the point that they cannot cope with their “reality” being questioned. The post-war babyboomers were the first “spoiled” generation, with tens of millions of children raised under the concept that, “I don’t want my children to have to experience the hardships that I faced, growing up.” Those jurisdictions that prospered most (the EU, US, Canada, etc.) were, not coincidentally, the ones where this form of childrearing became most prevalent.

Apr 28, 2021

The concept of government is that the people grant to a small group of individuals the ability to establish and maintain controls over them. The inherent flaw in such a concept is that any government will invariably and continually expand upon its controls, resulting in the ever-diminishing freedom of those who granted them the power.

Mar 31, 2021

Since the announcement of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, many people have become increasing aware of and/or increasingly concerned over the prospect of a New World Order. Although it’s been in the works for over a century, in recent decades, preparations for the actual implementation have become increasingly apparent, and now that the rollout has begun, the reality of its tyrannical intent is coming home more than ever before. Interestingly, most all people who comment on the coming of a New World Order seem to treat it as a foregone conclusion. Not only that, they tend to assume that it’s certain to live up to its title – a dominant oligarchy that will blanket the globe. But is that dark prediction a certainty? Let’s back up a bit here and look at this from above the treeline of all the hoopla and see it as it really is.

Mar 17, 2021

Recently, the Los Angeles school district introduced a Microsoft-developed COVID-tracking app, to allow students to collect data relative to their own COVID testing and that of their fellow students. In addition to the social implication of students judging each other based upon test results, all data will be reported to health authorities, should they wish to take action. The app will generate a QR code for each student and staff member, so that each can be regularly monitored. Superintendent Austin Beutner commented that the code is “Sort of like the golden ticket in ‘Willy Wonka.’ Everyone with this pass can easily get into a school building.” Of course, this makes no sense whatever. Most schools are not even open in California, due to the strength of the Teachers’ Union’s demands, but if and when schools do open, they will do so with a new paradigm: that all those attending the school can be named and shamed, should their COVID passes not be up to scratch.

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