SWP and Cryptocurrency

We accept cryptocurrency as payment for orders and offer cold storage services.

SWP has always supported and believed in the future and relevance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In fact, as early as 2017, we were amongst the first companies in the Cayman Islands to accept Bitcoin as payment for our products and services.

Since then, we have expanded our services to include cold storage for crypto wallets and keys at our Cayman Islands vaulting facility. SWP clients can also buy precious metals using crypto as payment and be paid in crypto when they sell gold or silver back to us. Learn more about our crypto related services below.

Buy Precious Metals from SWP Using Crypto

SWP clients can pay for their gold and silver orders with Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC. Simply inform your account representative that you’d like to pay for your order using cryptocurrency. Your account representative will provide you with the necessary instructions to complete your payment.

For orders less than USD $50k, you will be sent an invoice via Bitpay. Note, a Bitpay account is required to settle the invoice. Open your Bitpay account here.

For orders above USD $50k, you have the option of paying via Bitpay, or directly to SWP’s company wallet.

Storage and shipping invoices can also be paid by using Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC.

Note, a 1% surcharge does apply when paying with crypto currency.

Sell Precious Metals to SWP and Get Paid in Crypto

SWP clients also have the option of being paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDC when selling their precious metals to SWP. Simply inform your account representative that you’d like to be paid in one of the above crypto currencies. Your account representative will provide you with the necessary instructions.

Note, a 1% surcharge does apply when receiving payment in crypto currency.

Cold Storage for Wallets and Keys

SWP offers offshore cold storage for cryptocurrency wallets and keys. Clients can rent a safe deposit box housed within our secure storage facility in the Cayman Islands to store their wallets and keys for only $600 USD per year.

Coinchange also offers high-yield accounts, where investors can earn ultra-competitive returns on their crypto holdings while held in custody with Coinchange.

Their secure online platform is user friendly, and their customer service team is amongst the best in the industry.

Learn more about our cold storage service here.

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