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We’re very proud of the strong relationships we’ve formed with industry leaders that allow us to provide our clients with the solutions they demand and deserve. These relationships include sovereign mints and refiners from whom we buy pure bullion products from directly, global logistics experts who safely transport goods to and from our facilities and leading insurance providers who provide our clients with peace of mind that their assets are always insured.

Mints and Refiners

SWP is an approved distributor of several sovereign mints, private mints and refiners. The ability to purchase pure bullion products directly from these producers guarantees authenticity and the pristine condition of a wide range of quality products. It also provides a highly liquid two-way trading market within the vault.


The Perth Mint is operated by Gold Corporation, a statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia. The mint has specialised in the production of precious metal coins since 1899, when it made the first of many millions of British gold sovereigns. They are an accredited refiner, weight master and assayer with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX), the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre (DMCC), and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).The reputation of the mint’s 99.99% (four nines) gold and silver coins and bullion bars means they can usually be traded internationally without the need for assay.


The Scottsdale Mint is a US based company that manufactures some of the most exceptional bullion products available to consumers today. Their knowledge of a wide-range of minting processes allows for continued development and innovation in products, including advancements in security technology. An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Scottsdale Mint is recognized for its quality products, which are authorized for inclusion in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Our Logistics Partners

These leaders in global high-value logistics ensure that our clients’ investments arrive safely and fully-insured, whether being delivered to the Cayman Islands or any of our storage facilities worldwide.


AIB Express Logistics offers international and domestic valuables shipping services coupled with insurance products. Their business provides clients with top level service based on their executive team's 40 years of experience in the valuables logistic and secure transportation industries. AIB’s unique and versatile services are tailored to each client: its shipments, complex inventory management, and insurance needs.


Loomis International is the specialist at creating efficient, risk controlled international end-to-end transport solutions along the value chain. They have a strong international presence and offer their services in 110 countries. They offer comprehensive solutions for valuables for financial institutions and industrial companies as well.

Our Insurance Providers

Comprehensive insurance is the foundation of any precious metals depository. We’ve partnered with the very best insurance broker and underwriters, who specialize in insuring precious metals. Evidence of our insurance is available upon demand.


Marsh is a global leader in insurance brokering and risk management. In more than 130 countries, their experts in every facet of risk and across industries help clients to anticipate, quantify, protect against and recover from the ‘what ifs’ in life. In today’s increasingly uncertain global business environment, Marsh helps clients to survive and thrive.

Our Auditors

Both our financial statements and our clients’ physical holdings are audited by two of the world’s leading audit firms.

Grant Thornton (Financial Audits)

Grant Thorton in the Cayman Islands provides independent audit services designed to enhance the reliability of information prepared for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders in accordance with country-specific statutory requirements.

BUREAU VERITAS (Physical Audits)

Bureau Veritas is a world leading inspection and testing organisation for the commodities industry. They offer a complete portfolio of services across oil, gas, petrochemicals, metals, minerals and agri-commodities and fertilizers.

IRA Providers

SWP has partnered with reputable IRA custodians to offer American investors the opportunity to purchase and store precious metals held in their self-directed IRAs offshore in the Cayman Islands.


Advanta IRA is a leader in self-directed account administration with over $1.7 billion in client assets and nearly twenty years of experience. Every client has a dedicated account manager who is familiar with all aspects of their account and helps them through the investing process while maintaining their self-directed IRA account details throughout the entire investing process. We handle the account details, so our clients can focus on finding their investments.


Preferred Trust Company facilitates both custodial and administrator roles as a licensed retail trust company located in Nevada. Formed in 2007, they provide individuals the opportunity to break down the barriers of traditional investing in an IRA. They educate account owners about their ability to invest in alternative assets through their IRA while providing tax-advantage retirement growth. This wealth-building education enables clients to expand their knowledge and complete transactions with ease.

Crypto and Blockchain

We deal with the world's oldest investment and the newest.


Coinchange is a consumer Fintech company that sells cryptocurrencies and generates yield for customers through blockchain-based financial instruments.

Our Associations

We are proud members and active participants of the following associations.

National Coin and Bullion Association (aka ICTA)

The National Coin and Bullion Association (aka ICTA) is the watchdog for the rare coins, paper money, and precious metals industry. NCBA actively proposes laws and regulations that would benefit both the hobby and the industry. Equally important, NCBA educates dealers on compliance with existing laws and regulations.


IPMI serves as a global platform for the precious metals community, facilitating regional and international chapters, working committees, seminars, and webinars. By enabling the exchange of vital information on industry topics, IPMI fosters unparalleled networking opportunities for members. In addition, IPMI proudly hosts an annual international conference—a premier event that brings together industry experts and stakeholders for insightful discussions and collaboration.

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce supports, promotes and protects the interests of our members and provides visitors, residents and investors with business, tourism, relocation, employment and economic development information.


The Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) is a non-profit member-driven organisation that represents members from the precious metals industry, including but not limited to bullion banks, exchanges, refineries, trading firms and logistics companies.

KYC and Compliance

We take KYC and compliance very seriously to protect our clients against any threats to the company.


For over two decades the World-Check Risk Intelligence database has been delivering accurate and reliable information to help financial institutions, the regulated non-banking sector and companies to comply with mandatory KYC, anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, anti-bribery and corruption, and associated legislation.

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