Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

You can hold precious metals offshore in a self-directed IRA. Learn how.

SWP has partnered with two reputable IRA custodians, the New Direction Trust Company and the Preferred Trust Company, to offer American investors the opportunity to purchase and store precious metals held in their self-directed IRAs offshore in the Cayman Islands. Benefit from all the advantages of holding precious metals in your self-directed IRA and the peace of mind that comes with storing those assets in the best and safest offshore jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere.

"New Direction Trust Company is pleased to include Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) on our list of eligible depositories for storage of IRA owned metals by our clients. We have been receiving requests for storage options at internationally-based depositories. Strategic SWP’s location in the Cayman Islands gives clients an internationally based depository option."
Amy Henricks, Vice President, Precious Metals Operations, New Direction Trust Company
Preferred Trust Company works with Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) to provide our clients diversification not only in where they purchase precious metals, but also where they store their precious metals. SWP provides clients both as a fully-integrated precious metals dealer and vaulting facility located in the Cayman Islands.” 
Carrie Cook, Chief Operating Officer, Preferred Trust Company

How Offshore Precious Metal IRAs Work


Open your self-directed IRA account with either the New Direction Trust Company or the Preferred Trust Company. Both companies possess excellent reputations as IRA custodians. Next, rollover, transfer or contribute funds into your account. The account needs to be funded before the precious metals can be purchased. 

You can also transfer existing precious metals already being administered by another IRA custodian.


Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) is a fully integrated precious metals dealer and approved offshore IRA depository. Our product premiums and storage fees are competitive with US domestic rates and we offer all the advantages of storing your assets in the safest offshore jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere. You can elect SWP as both your dealer and depository when completing your Buy Direction Letter with the custodian.

Once you've opened and funded your IRA account, elected SWP as your dealer and depository, all that is left to do is select the precious metals you wish to purchase and then let the custodian handle the rest.

If you have any questions, please contact SWP today. Or if you are ready to begin, please open an account with a custodian:

New Direction Trust Company

Phone: (877) 742-1270


Preferred Trust Company

Phone: (888) 990-7892


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